Design + Art + Interiors + Coolhunting Inspiration from Italy

Set 22, 2014 / 2 note


It’s a crush for any design-lover on earth…Apparently the story went like this: in 1950, tired of searching for a practical lamp to equip the machines in his workshop, Jean-Louis Domecq decides to design and construct his own lamp. A lamp that should perform well under heavy duty circumstances. In 1953 the Jielde firm is established and the company name is derived from the initials of the designer, JLD. In 1955 the first brochure reveals details of his remarkable joint construction: the electricity is transported through the joints by an ingenious mechanism with no wires, eliminating the risk of accidents due to breaking wiring, caused by the absence of durable synthetic insulation materials. This is what was really new about its design. Nowadays Jielde lamps are recognized to be iconic pieces of industrial French art they are still hand made in Lyon, France with the same original gesture.

Set 19, 2014 / 1 nota


Paulina Arcklin did this amazing photoshoot for Couleur Locale, a webshop full of cool stuff, check it out!
Set 18, 2014 / 8 note


Taking inspiration from vintage industrial metal lamps, Enrico Zanolla, a young Venetian architect & designer, reinvented them by using ceramic, a warmer material, crafted by Italian artisans, mixed with metals like gold and copper. A surprise effect will appear turning on the bulb in the metallic finishes, concentric circles with different light intensity and colours are created thanks to light bounces, diffusion and reflections of surrounding space. So spot-on right now.

Set 17, 2014 / 2 note


Out of all the new exhibitors of Treviso Antiquaria 2014, I especially enjoyed Galleria Thais - Antichità d’Orientean amazing collection of rare and antiques furnishings and pieces from China, Tibet, Japan and South East Asia. If you want to see more, it’s definitely worth visiting Villa Orna, an 18th century, old rustic stone house located just outside Brendola, not far from Vicenza, home to an amazing ancient Asian art museum where you will experience timeless emotions, charmed away by the Far-East magic atmosphere. The gallery owner, Gioacchino Obrietan, a fine collector and antique dealer, that has carefully selected each piece directly at the place of origin during its numerous research journeys, will tell you amazing stories about them. Huge crush on the Tibetan temple doors with tiger decoration!!!!

Set 9, 2014 / 4 note


Today I visited the Gervasoni HQ in Friuli in order to chose some of their top design lines for an upcoming design event that I am organizing together with sustainable luxury living guru Welldom. Lovely Gervasoni’s Head of PR talked me throughout some fab details about the materials used in some of their signature furniture, such as the Allu line woven in rawhide, a natural elastic material that only the brand is able to create, or the Gray table with waxed iron plate and feet in flamed Piasentina stone. And last but not least, among my favorites of the day, the Ghost amazing huge white sofa. Of course they are all by Paola Navone, the brand Creative Director. Can’t wait to see all my favorite pieces in the same room styled by La Centrale! Stay tuned for the upcoming event details…

Set 8, 2014 / 8 note


Glamping is a recent trend in tourism, bringing ecology and design, concepts that until a short time ago excluded each other, find their expression in luxury campsites with the benefits of services and accommodation equal to those of luxury hotels. A model of eco tourism, perfectly integrated in the surroundings and 100% sustainable, the Glamping concept was born in top naturalistic destinations such as South Africa, were the luxury lodges find their roots back into the colonial time

In 2009 Emanuela and Federico created the first Italian Glamping Canonici di San Marco Glamping Tents, a fab experience between nature & culture, that has opened the 2014 season by expanding the context to a 17th century lovely Barchessa (rural villa) thank’s to the collaboration with the owners Alessandro and Monica. With 4 luxury lodges and a lovely garden, Canonici di San Marco offers the very best of the “wild” shabby chic style!

Ph. Andrea Cacopardi

Set 7, 2014 / 3 note


Lately, I have been obsessed with rattan furniture. My latest crush: Franco Albini’s design. Scandinavia’s oldest producer of rattan furniture, Sika-Design has put some of the best chairs made of this “poor” material back into production, such as the “ottoman”, design by Franco Albini in 1951. The Italian designer (1905-1977) began his professional career working for Gio Ponti and he created some of the most iconic design pieces such as the famous “Margherita” and “Gala” chairs, today part of the permanent collection of MOMA. House Doctor has also created a beautiful black rattan stool, a cheaper alternative to Albini’s one (last picture from the top).


Set 2, 2014 / 8 note


The H&M Home Collection is finally available in Italy. By using the promotional code 0005 till 17.09.2014 the shipping is free. Have a go! 

Set 1, 2014 / 10 note


Here are my 5 top favorite restaurants in Mykonos…clearly for different reasons from a stunning interior design, to a breath-taking view or a perfect pizza…

  1. Catari: the best pizza in Mykonos served in a palm garden with a stylish Mediterranean setting…The owner is the most friendly and professional person ever…You will love him and he will love you!
  2. Interni: the most beautiful garden in Matogiannia, the luxury shopping street, inspired and designed by renowned designer Paola Navone, combined with a personal touch from owner Nikos Varveris. When you walk in is just like “wow!”
  3. Spilia: a super romantic taverna on a cave overlooking the sea. A lovely striking contrast between the natural setting and the posh services (champagne, sea urchin pool, dj set…) 
  4. Jackie ‘O Beach: a beach with a lovely restaurant and a pool that lays on the cliff overlooking the sea of Super Paradise beach…A cool Miami-style setting with a drag show at sunset… 
  5. Balthazar: just opened in summer 2014, this new eatery is located in former Pierro’s - actually the first cool gay bar in the island - premises. Great vibe and food in a buzzy atmosphere

And a sneak preview: former Philippi restaurant will turn into the next Hakkasan Family venture next season!

Set 1, 2014 / 15 note


What I love about Mykonos is that there is a really subtle line between bars, restaurants and clubs, so that the best bars are sometimes restaurants in the first place and the best places for having a bit of a dance are actually bars and not discos…So here are my favorite 2014 places for a good evening cocktail: 

  1. Jackie ‘O: a must, a place that is already legend, hidden away in the old town port…I love the interior design sooooo much…Great music and fab drag show after 1 o’clock at night
  2. Remezzo: a new addition to the Mykonos nightlife, one of the oldest bars in the old town dating back to 1967, has just reopened in summer 2014 with a very posh restaurant overlooking Mykonos old port…stunning view and great atmosphere after dinner with people (aka beautiful models) dancing on tables
  3. Caprice: another Mykonos legend, a small bohemian bar literally facing the sea in Little Venice…Best place in town for watching the sunset (whilst enjoying the kite-surfers daily show…) or having a dance whilst waiting to be chatted up
  4. Alemagou: best beach bar on the cool and windy Ftelia beach, the surfers’ paradise of the island. It’s just cool at any time of the day…
  5. Lola: a small bar hidden away in the labyrinth of Chora…I love the interior decoration: a drag queen symbols galore decorated with pictures and dolls of the most beautiful gay icons of all times, from Barbie to Rita Hayworth…just so unique. 

What about yours? :-)